Nolimit City's Insane New Slots

Revealed: No Limit City’s Insane New Slots

Revealed: No Limit City’s Insane New Slots

Published On: 27th January 2022

In the slots community, rumours are circulating around three upcoming releases by adult-themed high variance game specialists, No Limit City. They are due out in the first half of 2022. And they look insane! Indeed, if you thought games like Mental and San Quentin xWays were screwy, get a load of this …

Punk Toilet

Assigned for launch at UK slot sites in the first week of February (actual date T.B.C.), Punk Toilet is the follow up to Punk Rocker from 2020, a London-themed game with expanding reels, Jumping Wilds, Multipliers of up to 25x and up to 46,656 win-ways.

Punk Toilet looks to be showing No Limit City growing in confidence and prepared to push things beyond the limit (no pun intended) of what is acceptable in online video slots. The action takes place in a run-down old lav in the back-end of England’s capital city and includes erm … Glory Door and Shit and Piss Free Spins (we did say they were pushing the boundaries).

Those who have played the original Punk Rocker game will recognise the character, Haw King, a mohican-headed rioter along with several other miscreants who appear from behind the urinals located at the bottom of reels 2, 3 and 4 to have Wild Beers land in their hands.

Players will also be shown a Glory Door on the bottom 3 positions on reel 5 that is triggered open by a urinal symbol landing above it. This will cause the door to open and character symbols to appear here and in double size on reels 1 to 4.

Punk Toilet also promises several expanding reels features including their now infamous xWays, xSplit and Mega Split. And the climax of the action will of course be those two sick sounding free spins rounds – Piss and Shit – where either the Urinal cells or the Glory Door will always be open and the all other feature are enhanced.

What about the maths? Well, NLC have released some figures that suggest that whilst Punk Toilet will not offer the same scale of wins as say San Quentin xWays, it still surpasses most new games on the market.  The win potential maxes out at 33,333x whilst the RTP is set at 96.07% and free spins will trigger on average once in every 207 spins.

Kenneth Must Die

Say, what???!!!

Oh yes, things are about to get weirder still. With only very minimal amounts of information, NLC have dropped the news that the follow-up will be a game based on the kids doll duo, Ken and Barbie! Except, this one certainly WON’T be for kids … so you can stop writing that complaint letter to the UK Gambling Commission.

What do we know? Well, we can tell you that pictorially speaking this one features Barbie with a gag ball in her mouth and Kenneth with a wicked grin on his face. Quite what this all means, only time will tell.

We can’t say for sure what the maths will look like, but by now we can all hazard a guess that things will get risky!

Vacation in Gulag

And just to be sure that they are pushing the taste-meter right to its upper limit and beyond, following those two mind-benders, NLC promise us Vacation in Gulag sometime in April. A reference to the Soviet Labour Camps under Lenin and Stalin in the 1920s, 30, 40s and 50s, who knows what fun this game might bring?!

It won’t be the first time that this studio has delved into 20th Century history however – their Das xBoot game took inspiration from the stories of German submariner during World War 2.The ironic title of Vacation in Gulag might suggest something more light-hearted than a game that offered Torpedo Launches and Periscope Wilds in the murky depths of the Atlantic, but who knows?

Anticipation is already building …

Who Are No Limit City?

If you are reading this article without any prior knowledge of No Limit City then you might be wondering who the hell they are! NLC are a slots studio who has been on the scene for just 5 years but in that time has created a unique catalogue of games, often with adult subject matter and with a series of innovative features and wild gameplay. They are renowned for high risk maths models and big jackpots which means that they appeal to those who enjoy chasing down epic payouts driven by cumulative features triggered typically in the free spins rounds.

If you like the sound of these slots, keep checking back to our reviews page for release dates and comprehensive explanations of how the games work when they become available in the coming weeks.