Rainbow Riches Cheats

Rainbow Riches Cheats

Rainbow Riches Cheats

Published On: 26th October 2021

There can be no more iconic slot brand than Barcrest’s famous Rainbow Riches (now owned by Scientific Games). It’s journey from popular pub fruit machine to online casino slot favourite with many different formats make it one of the most recognised of all time. The famous Irish greens and golds, lucky clovers, pots of gold and road to riches feature can be found in pretty much all of the UK slot sites.

And no doubt if you are reading this then you’ve played one of the Rainbow Riches games yourself … and perhaps you’re looking for a little extra edge next time you load one up. Well you’re in the right place – our Rainbow Riches cheats will help you to find a winning combination every time you spin.

Are There Rainbow Riches Cheats?

Let’s start by clearing this up.

Video slots are fixed-odds gambling machines. That means you cannot affect the outcome of any spin by your actions – the result is always random. However, that does not mean that you can’t improve your gameplay by understanding some of the nuances of each game, like how Return to Player can be impacted by the feature you land on, or indeed which features offer higher payouts. These ‘Rainbow Riches Cheats’ are the best way to optimise your gameplay next time you head down the Road to Riches.

Here are the best tips we have to win big.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Game
Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Game – Lucky Clover Bonus Round Has Extra Payouts When Playing With Mega Spins

Pick a Rainbow Riches Slot With A High RTP

Return to Player or RTP describes how much a slot machine will pay out as a percentage of all the money wagered on it. Most games have an RTP of around 96% – that means for every £100 wagered, on average £96 is paid out in wins. You can read more about this in our guide to slots RTP.

But here’s the important point – not all games have the same RTP. And in fact, not all parts of the game – base game, free spins rounds, other features – have the same RTP. So, whilst you are spinning the game can change from one RTP to another.

And by making specific choices within the game you can increase your RTP. For example, those games with a ‘Big Bet Feature’ have enhanced RTPs of 97.75%. In particular the Home Sweet Home version of the game has an RTP of over 97% when players bet big.

Just keep in mind that if you bet big your losses will be substantially higher so balance this against the potential bigger wins before you dive in. You can find the RTP of Rainbow Riches games in the information screen after loading up the slot.

NOTE: in the UK, Big Bet is now banned as it is seen to potentially cause problem gambling. So, only players outside the UK can take advantage of this one.

Pick Just One of the Rainbow Riches Features

This is a really important tip – when playing Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix you are allowed to pick up to THREE features to play for. But we recommend only choosing ONE! That is because you are now increasing the odds that you will unlock that feature.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Slot
Pick Carefully in the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Game – Some Features Have HIgher RTPs

So, which should you choose? We suggest you aim for the Pots of Gold feature – it has a higher payout rate than all the others – see tip 1! Just keep in mind that it may take longer to unlock though, so perhaps stake with low best to maintain your bankroll before it triggers.

The Leprechauns and Mushrooms bonuses are also available but they have lower RTPs. They do trigger more frequently though, so if you are frustrated waiting for your Pots of Gold to unlock, you could go with one of the other two.

Feature Tip – Golden Charms

The Golden Charms version of Rainbow Riches is widely recognised as a good version to play thanks to its high value Wishing Well feature prize. Those who play Rainbow Riches games a lot will be familiar with the Wishing Will bonus round. Normally prizes cap at as low as £2, but in the Golden Charms version of the game the top prizes is £50. This is the only time that you will find a Wishing Well feature with a £50 jackpot!

Feature Tip – Leprechaun Bonus

Again, those familiar with the Rainbow Riches slots games will know the Leprechaun Bonus that can be triggered at any time during gameplay by landing between 3 and 5 of the Lucky Leprechaun icons on the reel set.

The most you can win from the Leprechaun Bonus is £500, but it can be much lower – just £5 in some cases. So why is this random prize amount so changeable? Well, some believe that the more you bet on each spin, the higher the prize might be. So, if you want to push up this bonus feature, one way would be to increase your bet sizes. However, again, you need to bear in mind that you are simply increasing your chances of losing more money when you do- so bet sensible.

Feature Tip – Lucky Clover Bonus Round

Ok, here’s another important tip to use when you are looking at features. This applies only to the Pots of Gold version of the game.

You’ll need to play the £20 per spin Mega Spin option here. You’ll only get 5 spins, so that’s £4 per spin. However, the important part here is that should you win £5 or more in total from the spins, then you will trigger the Lucky Clover bonus. That means a prize of 4x your stake value PLUS three more bonus rounds – the Leprechaun Bonus, the Super Leprechaun Bonus and the Grand Pots of Gold bonus.

Play at Only Recommended UK Slot Sites

Before we finish, we should emphasise the importance of playing ONLY at slot sites that are fully licensed in the UK. You can find lots of these, including new slot sites, in our pages. It’s crucial that you only play Rainbow Riches at licensed casinos because they give you protection under UK law and are guaranteed to be safe, fair and secure. They will also provide a whole range of Responsible Gambling tools so you can manage your own time and money. Pretty much all casinos in the UK feature Rainbow Riches slots because they are so popular, so you’ll never be short of a new site to try.

So, now you have the tips and cheats to hand, we hope you enjoy your slots play.

Good luck and have fun!

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