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Big Bass Bonanza Slots

Big Bass Bonanza Slots

Published On: 26th April 2024

Big Bass Bonanza, Pragmatic Play’s popular fishing slot series, has gone from humble beginnings in 2020 to an iconic casino brand with 17 different versions in less than 5 years. But which should you play? We’ve reviewed every game in full before putting together this comprehensive guide so you can browse and compare before putting your waders on and spinning for the best prizes on the right game for you.

Big Bass Bonanza Slots Full List

To start, here is the full list of Big Bass games including RTP rates, max wins and volatility settings. We include the release dates in this list and show the games in reverse order with the newest Big Bass slots at the top.

GameRelease DateRTPMax WinVolatiltyMin Stake
Big Bass Bonanza Fishing MissionJun-2496.50% | 95.50% | 94.50%5,000xHigh (5/5)10p
Big Bass Bonanza Reel ActionMay-2496.50% | 94.50% | 95.50%2,100xHigh (4/5)10p
Big Bas Secrets of the Golden LakeApr-24 96.07% | 95.07% | 94.07%5,000xHigh (5/5)20p
Big Bass Day At The RacesMar-2496.07% | 95.08% | 94.05%10,000xHigh (5/5)10p
Big Bass Floats My BoatFeb-2496.07% | 95.06% | 94.06%5,000xHigh (5/5)20p
Big Bass Christmas BashNov-2396.71% | 95.67% | 94.60%5,000xHigh (5/5)10p
Big Bass HalloweenOct-2396.04% | 95.09% | 94.09%2,100xHigh (4/5)10p
Big Bass Hold and Spinner MegawaysAug-2396.70% | 95.69% | 94.62%20,000xHigh (5/5)20p
Big Bass Amazon ExtremeJun-2396.07% | 95.08% | 94.05%10,000xHigh (5/5)10p
Big Bass Hold and SpinnerMar-2396.07% | 95.08% | 94.07%10,000xHigh (5/5)10p
Bigger Bass BlizzardNov-2296.08% | 95.07% | 94.07%4,000xHigh (5/5)12p
Big Bass Bonanza Keeping It ReelOct-2296.07% | 95.07% | 94.07%10,000xHigh (5/5)10p
Big Bass SplashJun-2296.71% | 95.67% | 94.60%5,000xHigh (4/5)10p
Christmas Big Bass BonanzaDec-2196.71% | 95.67% | 94.62%2,100xHigh (4/5)10p
Big Bass Bonanza MegawaysNov-2196.7% | 95.66% | 94.62%4,000xHigh (5/5)20p
Bigger Bass BonanzaSep-2196.71% | 95.67% | 94.62%4,000xHigh (5/5)12p
Big Bass BonanzaDec-2096.71% | 95.67%2,100xHigh (4/5)10p

NOTE: Big Bass games have more than one RTP rate. It is at your casino’s discretion which rate they choose. And volatility levels are ALWAYS high (4/5 or 5/5 on Pragmatic Play’s own scale).

Where To Play Big Bass Slots

If you are looking somewhere new to go and try your luck on Big Bass games then I recommend you browse our list of best slot sites, chosen by our writers. Or, go straight to MrQ from Lindar Media. They are currently offering 20 free spins on Big Bass Splash for new players.

Best Big Bass Bonanza Slots

With 17 Big Bass slots (and counting) to choose from, where should you cast your line for the best wins? We’re here to help. This is our top 10, with a short summary of each, including reasons why we think it’s a hit.

1. Big Bass Bonanza Hold and Spinner Megaways

  • RTP: 96.70% | 95.69% | 94.62%
  • Variance: High (5/5)
  • Top Win: 20,000x
  • Max Win Odds: 1 in 1,496,522
  • Reels: 6
  • Rows: 6
  • Paylines: 147,656
Big Bass Bonanza Hold and Spinner Megaways

Big Bass Hold and Spinner Megaways is the Rolls Royce of Big Bass games, taking the simple cash collect gameplay of the original and adding a Megaways game engine with up to 147,656 win ways, a massive 20,000x max win (the highest of any Big Bass game) and a unique night time Hold and Win bonus round with a GUARANTEED win of at least 20x.

If you find most of the games on this list to be too simplistic and low-key then this is the one for you. Oh, and did we mention, the win multiplier in the free spins round is UNLIMITED? Just keep collecting fishermen symbols and it will keep growing.

2. Big Bass Amazon Extreme

  • RTP: 96.07% | 95.08% | 94.05%
  • Variance: High (5/5)
  • Top Win: 10,000x
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Release Date: June 2023
Big Bass Bonanza Amazon Xtreme

Amazon Extreme takes us much further afield in the hunt for fish and cash collects, and the graphics are better for it. In this version we’re in an Amazonian backwater and our fisherman hero is decked in safari gear.

The gameplay is more interesting with a random base game feature in which the fisherman casts his net to gather in all visible cash symbols, sometimes with a random multiplier pulled from a treasure chest and applied to the payout. There is also a pick-me game before the free spins in which prizes like GUARANTEED fishermen symbols on every spin can be won.

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3. Big Bass Bonanza Keeping It Reel

  • RTP: 96.07% | 95.07% | 94.07
  • Variance: High (5/5)
  • Top Win: 10,000x
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Release Date: October 2022
Big Bass Bonanza Keeping It Reel

Back in October 2022 Keeping It Reel upped the game as Pragmatic Play dispensed with those small-time max wins of 2,100x or 4,000x and slapped down 10,000x! A new variation was added to the gameplay as well when the Golden Wild was introduced.

Now, when fish money symbols aren’t collected in free spins, they don’t disappear. Instead they are added to a keep net and all of them are collected IF you land that Golden Wild. It adds much more jeopardy to your bonus round game.

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4. Big Bass Day At The Races

  • RTP: 96.07% | 95.08% | 94.05%
  • Variance: High (5/5)
  • Top Win: 10,000x
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Release Date: March 2024
Big Bass Day At The Races

As Pragmatic Play look for new and interesting ways to tickle our interest with the Big Bass Bonanza brand, they’ve taken our friendly fishermen for a day out at his favourite race track. It might look like a clumsy hook up of a game, but on closer inspection it turns out to be a real cracker.

Money is now attached to horses rather than fish, but you don’t have to wait for free spins to collect. Instead, the values are randomly collected on any spin, sometimes with the addition of a multiplier of up to 50x! And again in this version you get a pick me game before the free spins in which you choose from a list of horses to reveal modifiers for each spin including guaranteed wilds, extra spins and guaranteed money symbols.

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5. Big Bass Secrets of the Golden Lake

  • RTP: 07% | 95.07% | 94.07%
  • Variance: High (5/5)
  • Top Win: 5,000x
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Release Date: April 2024
Big Bass Secrets of the Golden Lake

Proving that there are no limits to where Pragmatic Play can take a fishing slot, in April 2024 they delivered this version that turns our hero into an Arthurian Knight! The visuals are smashing with the bass fishing lake now awash with golden hues.

The gameplay is familiar but as ever there is clever twist, now with two different free spins rounds.  The first is the standard one, but the second – Golden Lake Free Spins – uses a Hold and Win format where only money symbols, wilds and blanks can land. Cash symbols are always collected but also pay out for standard paylines. And, as you collect more wilds, the round extends further, and a win multiplier grows, up to a maximum of 10x.

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6. Big Bass Bonanza 

  • RTP: 96.71% | 95.67%
  • Variance: High (4/5)
  • Top Win: 2,100x
  • Max Win Odds: 1 in 3,880,481
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Release Date: December 2020
Big Bass Bonanza

The Big Bass Bonanza series has come a long way since this first release back in 2020 but it wouldn’t be right to create a best of list without including the game that started things off. All the ingredients that make this such a popular slot are there – the cheerful, bright colors and happy soundtrack and the very simple gameplay.

Why play here when the max win is just 2,100x? Well, sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy Big Bass Bonanza as it was meant to be without all the add on features and those weird thematic twists. Like a quiet days fishing at the lake!

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7. Bigger Bass Bonanza 

  • RTP: 96.71% | 95.67% | 94.62%
  • Variance: High (5/5)
  • Top Win: 4,000x
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 4
  • Paylines: 12
  • Release Date: September 2021
Bigger Bass Bonanza

It’s worth checking out Bigger Bass Bonanza just for our hero’s Hawaiian shirt and shades look. This was Pragmatic Play playing around with what they could do with the theme and storyline, and a taste of the humour that was to follow.

Bigger Bass isn’t just about bigger prizes (4,000x rather than 2,100x) and more lines (12 instead of 10), now the location has changed and we’re on vacation and fishing on some tropical shoreline, twinkling nightlife in the distant bars. The gameplay is no different to the first Big Bass, but if you like shooting for the bigger numbers, you may prefer this.

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8. Big Bass Halloween

  • RTP: 96.04% | 95.09% | 94.09%
  • Variance: High (4/5)
  • Top Win: 2,100x
  • Max Win Odds: 1 in 711, 744
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Release Date: October 2023
BIg Bass Halloween

Big Bass Halloween is a literal re-skin of the original Big Bass game. But it’s worth checking out for some seasonal fun once a year. Being a total clone of a previous game, it lives or dies on its production, which thankfully is rather good.

The friendly fisherman is now a butcher hook-wielding psychopath and the bass themselves are all dying or dead, accompanied by blood spitting ravens and other horrific symbols on the paytable. As usual, its all about the free spins round and it is possible to extend that feature by collecting fishermen, which also grows a global win multiplier as high as 10x.

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9. Big Bass Christmas Bash

  • RTP: 71% | 95.67% | 94.60%
  • Variance: High (5/5)
  • Top Win: 5,000x
  • Max Win Odds: 1 in 1,748,252
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Release Date: November 2023
Big Bass Christmas Bash

Hot on the heels of the Halloween version of Big Bass came the second Yuletide version, Christmas Bash. This is the better of the two Christmas ones, with a higher max win of 5,000x and using more interesting gameplay too.

In this version you get an Xmas pick of modifiers before the free spins round begins. You may find you are gifted more spins, or a head start at level 2 on the fisherman symbol meter which means a 2x multiplier and 10 more spins, or more fish and wilds present on the reels for more prizes on each spin. In other words, Pragmatic Play channelled the Christmas spirit of giving with this one!

10. Big Bass Hold and Spinner

  • RTP: 96.07% | 95.08% | 94.07%
  • Variance: High (5/5)
  • Top Win: 10,000x
  • Max Win Odds: 1 in 2,750,653
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • Release Date: March 2023
Big Bass Bonanza Hold and Spinner

Before the Megaways version, Pragmatic Play brought us the original Hold and Spinner version of Big Bass Bonanza. It doesn’t quite hit the heights of the number 1 game in our list, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The highlight of this one is the Hold and Spinner round, an add on only found in this and the Megaways version. Only coins, diamonds valued up to 2,000x, and blanks land, with coin and diamond values all collected and paid out at the end. You start with 4 spins, and the counter re-sets every time coins or diamonds land.

With a 10,000x max win, Hold and Spinner is amongst the highest paying Big Bass games too, though its max RTP of 96.7% is slightly under that of others in the series.

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Big Bass Slots With The Highest Win Potential

Big Bass slots are not renowned for their huge prize potential. You can find better from Pragmatic Play in our list of their highest max win slots. Having said that, over time the top payout has increased from a lowly 2,100x up to a much more pleasing 20,000x.  And who knows, maybe better is to come.

Here are the 5 Big Bass games with the highest max wins:

  1. Big Bass Hold And Spinner Megaways – 20,000x
  2. Big Bass Day At The Races – 10,000x
  3. Big Bass Amazon Extreme – 10,000x
  4. Big Bass Hold And Spinner – 10,000x
  5. Big Bass Bonanza Keeping It Reel – 10,000x

Big Bass Slots With The Best RTP Rates

All the Big Bass slots have more than one RTP rate. It will be down to each casino operator to choose which rate to set the game to on their site.I recommend you check what setting your casino operator has chosen before you play for real, and always avoid sites where the RTP is lower than 94%. You can do this by hitting the ‘I’ button under the reels then scrolling through until you see the Game Rules page. Browse down and you’ll see Return to Player published.

Going by the optimum RTP rates on each game, these are the best Big Bass slots by RTP:

  1. Big Bass Bonanza – 96.71%
  2. Big Bass Christmas Bash – 96.71%
  3. Big Bass Splash – 96.71%
  4. Christmas Big Bass Bonanza – 96.71%
  5. Bigger Bass Bonanza – 96.71%


The lowest max RTP you will find in any Big Bass slot is 96.04% for Big Bass Halloween.

Picking a Big Bass Slot To Try - Features and Gameplay

Pragmatic Play are fairly consistent with the features and gameplay in the Big Bass series. It’s one of the things that makes them. But there are some important variations to look out too.

So, to finish, we've picked out the most common features and show you which games you can find them on.

Cash Collects and Free Spins

Found in: All Big Bass slots

You will find the simple cash collect feature in EVERY Big Bass slot. Bass symbols display money values which can only be activated by landing a fisherman symbol at the same time. Normally this can only happen in the free spins round.

Treasure Chest Multiplier

Found in: Big Bass Amazon Extreme

In the Amazon Extreme version, the cash collect happens are random on any spin in the base game as well as the free spins round. But also, on occasion a treasure chest opens-up to reveal a multiplier of up to 50x that is applied to the cash collect win.

Golden Wild

Found in: Big Bass Bonanza Keeping It Reel

In Keeping It Reel a unique Golden Wild is introduced. Fish money symbols that aren’t collected on each spin go into a cumulative ‘keep net’. IF a Golden Wild lands at any time then the total value of all fish in the net is paid out as a prize.

Pick Me Game

Found in: Day At The Races, Secrets of the Golden Lake

A more recent addition to the feature list is a Pick Me game that pops up before your free spins round begins. This gives you the chance to choose modifiers that will be applied to your bonus feature like guaranteed money symbols or wilds, more high value money symbols or extra spins.

Hold and Win

Found in: Hold and Spinner and Hold and Spinner Megaways

The Hold and Spinner versions of Big Bass Bonanza are popular partly for the addition of the Hold and Win bonus round. Here, only cash symbols and blanks can land. You get 3 spins, and the counter re-sets each time one or more cash symbols lands.


Found in: Big Bass Bonanza Megaways and Hold and Spinner Megaways

The Megaways version was an inevitability and there are now 2 that you can test your luck on. The first is a very generic one with the standard Megaways set up bolted on to the classic Big Bass game. Hold and Spinner Megaways is far more interesting with Mystery Symbols and the Hold and Win game added on too.


Pragmatic Play have found the secret sauce mix with Big Bass Bonanza. The perfect concoction of theme, design, features and prize potential make this a game every slots fan should try at least once. And with each new release it seems that the balance between continuity and innovation is about bang on. So, expect much more from this one, and don’t miss out on the fun!