Hacksaw Gaming Slots

Hacksaw Gaming Slots RTP (UK)

Hacksaw Gaming Slots RTP (UK)

Published On: 14th February 2023

Editor’s Note: The following article is based on research at UK slot sites with the aim of obtaining an accurate understanding of RTP (Return to Player) settings for Hacksaw Gaming slots. Outside of the UK, RTP settings may be different.

New to RTP? Read our article, Slots RTP Explained for the full picture.

Hacksaw Gaming are one of an increasing number of slot game developers to offer their games with more than one RTP option. From 2021 onwards, most Hacksaw slots have multiple RTP settings. Casino operators who offer Hacksaw slots to their players decide for themselves which RTP setting will be active when they make the game live on their site.

In most cases, Hacksaw slots have between 1 and 4 RTP settings, usually from around 88% up to around 96.5%. And most UK casinos choose to offer the games at the 94% setting. However, not all do. Some opt for lower settings.

It is important to know this because many slot game aggregator and review sites publish only the highest RTP setting when reviewing Hacksaw games. This is not necessarily correct information and does not allow you to compare Hacksaw slots against rivals accurately.

Hacksaw Gaming Key Facts

  • Established: 2018
  • UK License: Remote 054059-R-331396-004
  • Head Office: Ennglad, Level 2, Valley Road, Msida, MSD9022, Malta
  • Contact: sales@hacksawgaming.com
  • Total Games: 50+
  • Known For: High variance games, off-beat themes, distinctive design, disruptive marketing
  • Popular Slots: Hand of Anubis, Cubes 2, Itero

Every Hacksaw Gaming Slot Researched at UK-Licensed Sites

The table below shows every Hacksaw Gaming slot, the available RTP levels provided by the studio and the RTP set by the online casino we visited. We loaded up each game at one of 7 different casinos from 5 different operators. The casinos we chose for our research were:

Why did we choose these sites for our research?

These are all licensed casinos that have been reviewed and tested by our team. They reflect a cross section of the kind of slot sites that feature Hacksaw Gaming slots including white labels like the White Hat Gaming sites and independents like Casumo.  Under the terms of their license these sites must adhere to strict guidelines to provide fair, safe and secure gambling. Find out more in our guide, Why a Casino License Matters.

Hacksaw Gaming Slots Full List With RTP

Use the search box to find a specific game or sort by columns for the best RTP.

GameRelease DateRTP OptionsVerified RTPVerified At
Alpha EagleSep-2296.26%, 94.31%, 92.25%, 88.20%94.31%PlayGrand
Aztec TwistApr-2196.36%96.36%Bacana Play
BloodthirstFeb-23 96.19%, 94.23%, 92.32%, 88.36%94.23%Casumo
Book of TimeNov-22 96.13%, 94.34%, 92.33%, 88.25%94.34%PlayGrand
Born WildJul-2296.2%, 92.14%92.14%Spin Rio
Break BonesOct-2296.22%, 94.12%, 92.31%, 88.39%92.31%Spin Rio
Buffalo Stack n SyncMay-2296.36%, 94.38%, 92.37%, 88.46%94.38%Bacana Play
Cash CompassJun-2096.42%96.42%Casumo
Cash QuestOct-2196.32%, 94.36%, 92.31%, 88.28%94.36%Bacana Play
Chaos CrewSep-2096.30%96.30%Casumo
CubesMar-2096.35%96.35%Dream Vegas
Cubes 2Feb-2196.33%96.33%Dream Vegas
Dork UnitJul-2296.28%, 94.30%, 92.38%, 88.22%92.38%Spin Rio
Double RainbowMar-2296.38%, 94.53%, 92.45%, 88.38%94.53%Bacana Play
Forest FortuneMar-2194.37%, 92.35%92.35%Bacana Play
Franks FarmJan-2396.31%, 94.36%, 92.35%, 88.25%94.36%Dream Vegas
Fruit DuelAug-22 96.3%, 94.48%94.48%Dream Vegas
Gladiator LegendsApr-2296.31%, 94.44%, 92.66%, 88.19%94.44%Casumo
Gronks GemsDec-2296.24%, 94.42%94.42%Temple Nile
Hand of AnubisApr-2296.24%, 94.32%, 92.28%, 88.41%94.32%Casumo
Harvest WildsFeb-2296.35%, 92.29%92.29%Bacana Play
Hop n PopJun-2196.20%96.20%Casumo
IteroMay-2296.18%, 94.24%, 92.32%, 88.33%94.24%Temple Nile
Joker BombsDec-2196.48%, 94.11%, 92.36%, 88.14%92.36%Spin Rio
King CarrotJan-2296.30%, 94.51%, 92.28%, 88.28%94.51%PlayGrand
Let It SnowDec-2096.42%96.42%Casumo
Mystery MotelNov-2096.30%96.30%Casumo
Om NomNov-1996.28%96.28%Casumo
Outlaws IncJun-2296.23%, 94.17%, 92.32%, 88.47%94.17%Dream Vegas
Pug LifeNov-2296.33%, 94.32%, 92.27%, 88.40%94.32%Temple Nile
RIP CityJan-2396.22%, 94.27%, 92.32%, 88.02%94.27%Bacana Play
Rocket ReelsSep-2196.3%, 92.43%92.43%Spin Rio
RottenDec-2296.27%, 94.13%, 92.23%, 88.03%94.13%Temple Nile
Stack EmMay-2196.20%, 92.20%92.20%Spin Rio
Stick £mSep-1996.08%96.08%Casumo
Tasty TreatsNov-2196.21%, 94.23%, 92.40%, 88.10%92.40%Bacana Play
The BombOct-2095.17%95.17%Casumo
The Bowery BoysFeb-2296.41%, 94.30%, 92.19%, 88.45%94.30%Dream Vegas
The Haunted CircusMay-2094.83%94.83%Casumo
The RespinnersAug-2096.40%96.40%Casumo
Time SpinnersAug-2296.19%, 94.19%, 92.41%, 88.40%94.19%Temple Nile
Toshi Video ClubAug-2196.17%, 94.2%, 92.25%92.25%Spin Rio
Undead FrotuneOct-2296.29%, 94.40%, 92.28%, 88.55%94.40%Duelz Casino
Wanted Dead or a WildSep-2196.38%, 94.55%, 92.33%, 88.42%94.55%Bacana Play
Warrior WaysMar-2296.33%, 94.42%, 92.30%, 88.39%94.42%Dream Vegas
XpanderJul-2196.25%, 92.25%92.25%Spin Rio

How Did We Check the RTP of Each Game?

Checking the RTP of a Hacksaw Gaming slot is easy.

  1. Load up the game in real play mode – in this example we chose Bloodthirst
  2. Hit the hamburger menu at the bottom left of the reels
  3. Hit ‘Info’ – the second option up on the menu
  4. Scroll down the Game Info screen to the paytable where you’ll see the theoretical return published. This is the RTP. In this case, at Casumo we checked Bloodthirst with an RTP of 94.23%.
Bloodthirst RTP Displayed at Casumo
Bloodthirst RTP Displayed at Casumo

What Does Our Research Tell Us?

Be careful choosing where you play Hacksaw Gaming slots if you want to get the best value from your wagering. Operators are taking full advantage of the chance to offer the games at lower than optimal settings.

In truth, this is in line with what we expected to find. Prior to writing this article, our experience has been that most operators choose the 94% setting. However, we were surprised to find that two big names – Skill on Net and Aspire Global – have opted for even lower settings.

At Bacana Play (Skill on Net) amongst others we found Bloodthirst (92.32%), Forest Fortune (92.35%) and Undead Fortune (92.28%) all operating at the lower setting. And at Spin Rio (Aspire Global Ltd) we found Toshi Video Club (92.25%), Chaos Crew (92.4%) and Born Wild (92.14%) running at a lower setting too.

It worth nothing that Bacana Play do not run ALL games at the lower settings. Double Rainbow, for example, runs at the mid-range of 94.53%.

From our sample, the best value for your money when playing Hacksaw Gaming slots was at Casumo where all games were running at the 94% setting, and some older titles at the 96% setting.

During our research we found that the Hacksaw Gaming slot with the lowest RTP at a UK casino was Gronk’s Gems with an RTP of 92.2% at Duelz Casino.

Our research highlights that wherever you play you MUST check the RTP for yourself when you load up a Hacksaw Gaming slot and before you start spinning or you might be playing at a lower level than you think.


Which Hacksaw Gaming Slots Have the Best RTP?

Whilst most UK operators appear to be running Hacksaw slots at lower than optimum RTP settings there are still some early games that have an RTP of 96% or higher. If RTP is an important consideration for you and you want to play and you want to try Hacksaw games then these are a good place to start.

  1. Cash Compass – 96.42% RTP
  2. Let It Snow – 96.42% RTP
  3. Cubes 2 – 96.33% RTP
  4. The Respinners – 96.4% RTP
  5. Aztec Twist – 96.36% RTP
Cash Compass

Cash Compass

RTP: 96.42% | Variance: High | Top Payout: 7,400x

From June 2020, this early Hacksaw release has a 96.42% RTP (verified at Bacana Play). It is a Cluster Pays game with payouts triggered by landing groups of 6 of more identical symbols across the grid. Compass symbols spread across reels and multipliers grow to up to 250x.

Play at Casumo

Let It Snow Slot

Let It Snow

RTP: 96.42% | Variance: High | Top Payout: 7,500x

This Christmas release from December 2020 runs on the same game engine as Cash Compass and shares the same RTP of 96.42% (verified at Casumo).  In this case it’s the wreaths that are the spreading symbols, creating good cheer across the reels. Watch out as well for free spins and multipliers of up to 250x.

Play at Dream Vegas

Cubes 2 Slot

Cubes 2

RTP: 96.33%  | Variance: High |  Top Payout: 11,000x

This innovative slot from February 2021 has one of the highest RTPs in the Hacksaw catalogue at 96.33% and plays out on an expanding grid. Each time you land a group of five matching symbols then the grid grows by 1 reel and row. You also get free spins and sticky symbols. It has a higher than average RTP at 11,000x.

Play at Duelz Casino

The Respinners

The ReSpinners

RTP: 96.4%  | Variance: Medium |  Top Payout: 5,150x

This music-themed slot from 2020 has an RTP of 96.4%. It’s an easier play than most Hacksaw slots with a mid-range volatility setting. There are lots of extra wilds, free spins and multipliers to keep you entertained as you hunt down those payouts.

Play at Temple Nile

Aztec Twist Slot

Aztec Twist 

RTP: 96.36% | Variance: High | Top Payout: 6,800x

From April 2021, Aztec Twist, is another high risk slot, this ime with a South American jungle theme and playing out on an unusual 5 reel and 8 row grid. Features include Sticky Symbols, Free Spins and multipliers of up to 500x.

Play at Bacana Play

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