Nolimit City Slots RTP Explained

Nolimit City Slots RTP Guide (UK)

Nolimit City Slots RTP Guide (UK)

Published On: 16th February 2023

Editor’s Note: All RTP settings published in this article are taken from the developer’s own website at and from live versions of the games at licensed UK casinos.

In this table we show the available RTP settings for all Nolimit City slots. We also show recommended casinos where you can play each slot at the highest available RTP setting. We update this table each month to show new releases.

Slot GameRelease DateRTP SettingsRecommended Casino* Verified RTP
The Creepy CarnivalSep-1696.07%Casumo96.07%
Kitchen Drama Sushi ManiaApr-1796.77%All British Casino96.77%
Kitchen Drama Barbq FrenzyNov-1796.70%All British Casino96.77%
Casino Win SpinJan-1896.74%Casumo96.74%
Tesla JoltMar-1896.61%Casumo96.61%
Hot NudgeJul-1896.29%Casumo96.29%
Dungeon QuestOct-1896.27%Casumo96.27%
Ice Ice YetiNov-1896.16%Casumo96.16%
Mayan Magic WildfireJun-1996.04%Casumo96.04%
Thor Hammer TimeJul-1996.03%Casumo96.03%
Tractor BeamJul-1996.01%Casumo96.01%
Hot 4 CashAug-1996.05%Casumo96.05%
Pixies vs PiratesAug-1995.91%Casumo95.91%
Poison EveJan-2096.08%, 94.35%Casumo96.08%
Barbarian FuryFeb-2096.06%, 94.19%Duelz Casino96.06%
Punk RockerFeb-2096.01%, 94.10%All British Casino96.01%
Gaelic GoldMar-2096.15%, 94.42%Casumo96.15%
Harlequin CarnivalApr-2096.14%, 94.29%All British Casino96.14%
Deadwood xNudgeMay-2096.03%, 94.14%, 90.12%MrQ96.03%
Milky WaysJun-2096.14%, 94.24%All British Casino96.14%
Bonus BunniesJun-2096.14%, 94.22%Duelz Casino96.14%
Golden GeniesJul-2096.03%, 94.11%Termple Nile96.03%
Immortal FruitsAug-2096.06%, 94.08%Duelz Casino96.06%
Buffalo HunterAug-2096.01%, 94.24%Duelz Casino96.01%
Book of ShadowsAug-2096.01%, 94.09%MrQ96.01%
Monkey Gold XpaysOct-2096.02%, 94.22%Casumo96.02%
Warrior Graveyard xNudgeNov-2096.16%, 94.24%Termple Nile96.16%
Tomb of AkhenatanDec-2096.09%, 94.12%Termple Nile96.09%
San Quentin xWaysJan-2196.03%, 94.11%All British Casino96.03%
Coins of FortuneFeb-2196.48%Casumo96.48%
East Coast vs West CoastFeb-2196.04%, 94.00%Play Grand96.04%
Fire in the Hole xBombMar-2196.06%, 94.11%, 90.02%Play Grand96.06%
Bushido Ways xNudgeApr-2196.10%, 94.04%Play Grand96.01%
El Paso Gunfight xNudgeMay-2196.05%, 94.24%All British Casino96.05%
Infectious 5 x WaysMay-2196.02%, 94.27%All British Casino96.02%
xWays Hoarder xSplitJul-2196.14%, 94.10%All British Casino96.14%
MentalAug-2196.08%, 94.20%All British Casino96.08%
Das xBootSep-2196.03%, 94.04%MrQ96.03%
Evil Goblins xBombOct-2196.14%, 94.21%All British Casino96.14%
Legion XNov-2196.04%, 94.04%All British Casino96.04%
True Grit RedemptionDec-2196.11%, 94.04%All British Casino96.11%
Tombstone RIPJan-2296.08%, 94.08%All British Casino96.08%
Punk ToiletFeb-2296.09%, 94.13%All British Casino96.09%
Remember GulagApr-2296.08%, 94.37%All British Casino96.08%
Misery MiningMay-2296.09%, 94.05%MrQ96.09%
Karen ManeaterMay-2296.00%, 94.09%MrQ96.00%
Folsom PrisionJun-2296.07%, 94.01%MrQ96.07%
The RaveJul-2296.09%, 94.29%Play Grand96.09%
Road RageAug-2296.03%, 94.16%, 92.17%MrQ96.03%
The BorderSep-2296.17%, 94.07%MrQ96.17%
Little BighornOct-2296.06%, 94.09%, 92.11%MrQ96.06%
SerialNov-2296.07%, 94.08%, 92.05%All British Casino94.08%
Rock BottomNov-2296.04%, 94.02%, 92.31%Casumo94.02%
Pearl HarbourDec-2296.06%, 94.10%, 92.14%Duelz Casino94.23%
Dead CanaryDec-2296.02%, 94.12%, 92.11%MrQ96.02%
Walk of ShameJan-2396.04%, 94.04%, 92.12%Casumo94.04%
Benji Killed in VegasFeb-2396.04%, 94.02%, 92.09%Duelz Casino96.04%
Blood and ShadowMar-2396.13%, 94.03%, 92.04%MrQ96.13%
Kiss My ChainsawApr-2396.10%, 94.04%, 92.13%MrQ96.10%
DisturbedMay-2396.10%, 94.06%, 92.10%MrQ96.10%
WhackedMay-2396.07%, 94.09%, 92.04%MrQ96.07%
GluttonyJun-2396.09%, 94.03%, 92.02%MrQ96.09%
The Cage - Underground Fight ClubJun-2396.05%, 94.09%, 92.09%MrQ96.05%
Bounty HuntersJul-2396.07%, 94.14%, 92.18%MrQ96.07%
True KultAug-2396.06%, 94.09%, 92.10%MrQ96.06%

*Verified RTP is the RTP setting for each game at the corresponding Recommended Casino.

If you want to understand more about RTP you can also check out our guide, Slots RTP Explained. And if you are interested in slots with a high payout potential from NLC then I also recommend that you read our article listing Nolimit City slots with the highest maximum win.

More About This Table

We all love Nolimit City slots, but did you know that the games from this trailblazing studio have a variable RTP? Some have 2, 3 or even 4 RTP settings. For example, January 2023 release, Walk of Shame, can be set to 96.04%, 94.04%, or even as low as 92.12% RTP.

It is up to the casino operator to decide which RTP level they choose for Nolimit City games.

If you want to get the best value out of your online slots play then make sure you play at a site where the chosen RTP setting is optimal – usually around 96%. That is why we verified the RTP of Nolimit City slots at popular UK slot sites to show you which are currently offering the games at their top setting.

Each of the Recommended Casinos in our table is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission:

Why did we choose these sites for our research?

These are all licensed casinos that have been reviewed and tested by our team. They reflect a cross section of the kind of slot sites that feature Nolimit City slots including white labels like the L and L Europe and SuprPlay sites and independents like Casumo.  Under the terms of their license these sites must adhere to strict guidelines to provide fair, safe and secure gambling. Find out more in our guide, Why a Casino License Matters.

Why Is RTP Important?

Return to Play tells you how much on average a game will pay back in prizes as a percentage of all the money wagered on it. At 95%, for every £100 wagered, on average you will get £95 back.

So, the difference between a 92% RTP and a 96% RTP is £4 in every £100 wagered. That can start to stack up as you spend more money on a slot. Keep in mind that your wagering is a lot more than your deposits because you wager back what you win as well.

Nolimit City Key Facts

Established: 2016
UK License: Remote 052097-R-329532-005
Head Office: Nolimit City Stockholm AB (556671-7202), Kammakargatan 9A, 4tr,  111 40 Stockholm,  SWEDEN
Total Games: 60+
Known For: Super-high variance slots, huge payout potential, adult themes, off-beat humour
Popular Slots: Tombstone RIP, San Quentin xWays, Fire in the Hole

More About Our Research for This Article

During our research we found many sites that do NOT run these games at the optimum setting. This is not surprising and reflects a trend we see in the UK in recent years. It is also why it is important to use the recommended casinos in our list to make sure you are getting the best value for money when playing Nolimit City slots.

From our sample the best casinos for Nolimit City slots were MrQ and Casumo who almost always ran games at the highest RTP setting.


How Did We Verify The RTP of Each Game?

The best way to check the RTP setting of a slot is to look at the game information screen after you open the game up. Don’t rely on third party information like slots review sites where they usually publish only the highest RTP setting available.

As an example, we found the August 2021 release, Mental, running at 94.2% at Temple Nile, but 96.08% at All British Casino. That means, for this game you are getting less back in winnings at Temple Nile.

Here is how to verify the RTP of each game.

  1. Load up the game – in this example we chose Mental at Temple Nile.
  2. Hit the 3 dots in a circle at the bottom left of the reels.
  3. You’ll now see the Game Info screen with Paytable and Rules.
  4. Scroll down to the game rules section, then read down until you see the Theoretical Return to Player number. In this case it is 94.2% which is the lower of two possible settings for this game.


Mental RTP at Temple Nile
Mental RTP displayed in the Game Rules at Temple Nile – 94.20%

Using the Nolimit City Website To Find RTP Range

If you want to know the possible range of RTP settings for every Nolimit City slot then head to their website where they publish them in each game profile. Here is the Game Information for Benji Killed in Vegas.

Benji Killed in Vegas Game Information
Benji Killed in Vegas Game Information. Source:

Always Check the RTP For Yourself Before Spending Money

We have looked at a relatively small sample of sites here but the lesson here is clear – don’t assume that your casino will be giving you the best deal on your slots play. ALWAYS check the RTP in the game rules before you start and don’t play at lower than optimum settings. If the setting is 94% or lower, find somewhere else.

Which Nolimit City Slots Have The Best RTP?

Some of the highest RTP settings can be found in Nolimit City’s earliest releases. In fact, over time, the developer has tweaked the optimal RTP settings of their games down ever so slightly. In the period 2016 to December 2019 the average RTP of their games was 96.31%. Since then the average has dropped to 96.08%. Though for balance I should say that the difference between those two figures is VERY marginal, and would not be noticeable as you play.

Comparing by the optimal (top) RTP settings for each game, here are the top 10 Nolimit City slots by RTP. And check out mini reviews of 5 of our favourites below …

  1. Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania – 96.77% RTP
  2. Oktoberfest – 96.75% RTP
  3. Casino Win Spin – 96.74% RTP
  4. Kitchen Drama Barbq Frenzy – 96.7% RTP
  5. Wixx – 96.61% RTP
  6. Tesla Jolt – 96.61% RTP
  7. Tombstone – 96.61% RTP
  8. Coins of Fortune – 96.48%
  9. Hot Nudge – 96. 29% RTP
  10. Dungeon Quest – 96.27%
Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania

Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania

RTP: 96.77% | Variance: Medium | Top Payout: 697x

Before they turned into high variance monsters, NLC built some quirky medium variance slots including this Japanese-cuisine themed one with an optimum RTP of 96.77%. You head to the kitchen in this 5-reel, 20 payline game with a Collapsing Reels mechanic that plays like Cascading Wins.

Other features include Bunshin Wilds that clone themselves before spreading across the reels to make more wins, Sushi Wilds that can substitute for other symbols to complete winlines at any point in the game, and a free spins round with 10 free plays.

Play at All British Casino

Casino Win Spin

Casino Win Spin

RTP: 96.74% | Variance: Medium | Top Payout: 1,887x

This traditional online slot from 2018 has an optimum RTP setting of 96.74% and runs with 20 paylines and 5 reels. Highlights of the game include Hot Zone Expanding Wilds – any Wild to land in a Hot Zone expands to full reel size to create more wins. There is also a Spin Til You Win feature in which players get 3 re-spins with 5x multipliers and spreading wilds on the middle reel.

This is a mid-variance slot with a retro-styling that fans of classic fruit-machine style games will love.

Play at Temple Nile

Kitchen Drama Barbq Frenzy

Kitchen Drama Barbq Frenzy

RTP: 96.7% | Variance: Medium | Top Payout: 1,050x

The follow up to the Sushi Mania game is Barbq frenzy where the action moves outdoors with an optimum RTP of 96.7%. Once again the traditional 20 payline, 5 reel game engine is used by Nolimit City.

Features include the classic Cascading Wins and random wilds. There is also a Wild Barbq Spins feature in which gives you 5 free spins and a progressive multiplier with Walking Wilds that move across the reels with each successive spin.

The variance and top win are nothing like the later NLC slots, but this one still offers great entertainment and an unusual theme at a medium volatility.

Play at Casumo

Tesla Jolt Slot

Tesla Jolt

RTP: 96.61% | Variance: Medium | Top Payout: 582x

Once again, NLC show their knack for picking weird and wonderful subject matter for their games with this one based on the life of electrical innovator, Nikola Tesla.

Telsa Jolt sees the studio flex their creative muscles with a super-cool design and two core features: Tesla Jolt where one wild landing turns other symbols wild, and Tesla Spins where up to 20 spins with Charged Wilds are credited. Charged Wilds are collected in a meter above the reels before being distributed across the reels for the final spin.

Play at Play Grand

Tombstone Slot


RTP: 96.19% | Variance: High | Top Payout: 11,456x

Before Tombstone RIP came Tombstone, where NLC began cranking up the variance and the win potential. The optimum RTP of this game is 96.19% and there are three free spins rounds to enjoy in a great Wild West Atmosphere.

In Justice Spins all wilds remain sticky throughout. In Gunslinger Spins special Outlaw Wild symbols come with unlimited win multipliers. And in Bounty Spins you get 12 spins with sticky wilds AND unlimited multipliers.

Tombstone, from April 2019, was one of the games where people started to sit up and take notice of Nolimit City as a serious high variance contender.

Play at Play Grand

Useful Resources

Nolimit City Website – get all the latest Nolimit City news, play for free and check out profiles of every game.