Slingo Cleopatra

Slingo Cleopatra Slot Review

Slot Provider: Slingo Originals

RTP: 94% | Variance: Low | Maximum Win: 10,000x

Our Score: 8.2

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About Slingo Cleopatra

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Published Date: 1st September 2023

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Slingo Cleopatra is one of a series of games produced by the London-based Slingo Originals studio that mixes the classic Slingo game with an iconic slot. Slingo Cleopatra was released in February 2023 and is now available at all UK Slingo Sites. It incorporates the classic Egyptian-themed IGT slot. Simple gameplay at a low volatility make this game ideal for those who want a slower paced experience than your average slot. But that doesn’t mean it can’t produce some epic wins with a 10,000x top payout available in the free spins round.

Slingo Cleopatra Game Information

  • RTP: 94%
  • Variance: Low
  • Maximum Win: 10,000x
  • Progressive Jackpot: No
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 20
  • Minimum Stake: £0.10
  • Theme: Ancient Egypt
  • Features: Wilds, Super Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins

What We Liked

  • Spins the iconic slot to win 10,000x
  • Wilds + Super Wilds help complete lines
  • Low variance for regular payouts
  • 10p minimum stake
  • Classy graphics and animations

What We Didn't like

  • Gameplay very similar to other Slingos

Slingo Cleopatra Review Scores

  • Theme and Design 9
  • RTP and Variance 7
  • Maximum Win 8
  • Symbols and Paytable 8
  • Features and Gameplay 9

What Our Reviewer Says ...

"A perfect match up of two iconic games and low variance making this the perfect 'down time' slot"

Overall Score: 8.2

Theme & Design

Our Score 9

The artwork in the main Cleopatra game is first class and although the original slot game that follows on from the Slingo round looks a bit dated it still has an iconic quality. The initial Slingo game sits against a background of crumbling temples and purples skies that gives it an epic quality whilst the rich golden hues on the game grid and Slingo ladder are very enticing.

Slingo Cleopatra home screen
Epic backdrop to Slingo Cleopatra

RTP and Variance

Our Score 7

What is RTP?

RTP (Return to Player) refers to the amount a game will pay out in cash prizes expressed as a percentage of all the money wagered on that game. For example, a 96% RTP means a game will pay out £96 for every £100 wagered. This is an average number and will vary from one session to the next.  Read more here.

What is Variance?

Variance refers to how far a game will deviate from its RTP over time. High variance games deviate a lot and produce uneven win distributions and unexpected windfalls. Low variance games provide a more stable and even distribution of wins. Read more here.

Slingo Originals who made the game state the RTP is 94%. This is under average for an online slot, most of which are around 96%. The variance is stated to be 2/5 which puts it in the low to medium range. If you prefer more volatile slots then you could check our list of the 20 best high variance slots.

Maximum Win

Our Score 8

What Is Maximum Win?

Maximum win refers to the maximum amount a player can win from one spin. It is expressed as a multiple of the stake. For example, where the maximum win is 100,000x, from a £1 stake, the maximum win would be £100,000.  

The maximum win from a single spin on the Slingo Cleoptra slot is 10,000x your bet. The bet size in the slot is the same as your original stake in the game.

If you are looking for bigger win potential in your slots, check out our list of games with a maximum win higher than 100,000x.

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Features and Gameplay

Our Score 9

Your aim in Slingo Cleopatra is simple. You must score as many Slingos as you can in the base game to earn spins on the Cleopatra slot in the bonus round.

How do you earn Slingos? Just like this …

The game starts with 10 spins of the 5 reel, 1 row slot that sits beneath your 5×5 Slingo card. You can see that in the screen shot below. Where numbers that appear on the reel after each spin match a number on the card, so that number is crossed off.

Slingo Cleopatra - Earning Slingos
Option to buy more spins in Slingo Cleopatra

When 5 numbers in a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally are all crossed off, then you have scored a Slingo. Each Slingo that you score moves you one place up the ladder on the left of the game screen.

Special symbols help you along the way …

There are Wilds. When these land you can choose to cross off any number that appears in the column directly above on the Slingo card. Make sure you choose a number that gives you the best chance of completing a Slingo line.

There are also Super Wilds that allow you to cross off ANY number on the grid. These are more powerful than the standard Wilds as they give you more options. Again, choose numbers that help you complete Slingo lines.

Extra Spins symbols get you another spin of the reel and more chances to complete Slingos.

The Scatter symbol gets you more spins on the Slingo reel but without any feature symbols in play. You can get up to 180 this way!

Getting 90 Spins on Slingo Cleopatra
Completing a Slingo card for 90 spins on Slingo Cleopatra

There are 11 Rungs on the Slingo Ladder 

As with all Slingo games you can complete up to 11 Slingos – 5 horizontal, 5 vertical and 1 diagonal. Each one moves you one place up the Slingo ladder on the right of the screen with rewards as follows:

  • 1 Slingo – Cash prize
  • 2 Slingos – Cash prize
  • 3 Slingos – 1 spin on Cleopatra slot
  • 4 Slingos – 2 spins on Cleopatra slot
  • 5 Slingos – 4 spins on Cleopatra slot
  • 6 Slingos – 5 spins on Cleopatra slot
  • 7 Slingos – 7 spins on Cleopatra slot
  • 8 Slingos – 8 spins on Cleopatra slot
  • 9 Slingos – 9 spins on Cleopatra slot
  • 10 Slingos – 15 spins on Cleopatra slot
  • 11 Slingos – 39 spins on Cleopatra slot

NOTE: Spins are awarded in a cumulative basis, so if you score 6 Slingos you have 12 spins on Cleopatra slot.

You can also pay for more spins to earn more Slingos …

At the end of your 10 spins you have the option to either collect your cash prize or free spins, OR … keep going and earn more Slingos. The size of the bet here is now dependent on how close you are to completing lines. The closer you are, the higher the cost of the bet, but the greater the potential rewards as you get higher up the ladder.

Spins played on Cleopatra can win you up to 10,000x

Once you have collected your spins the iconic Cleopatra slot opens up and its game on! You can just sit back and watch here as the spins play out.

It’s possible to land 15 more if you hit 3 scatters on one spin. There are 20 paylines in the game and the top prize is 10,000x for a 5 Cleopatra icons on one line.

Free Spins on Cleopatra slot
Playing free spins on Cleopatra slot

Can You Use a Strategy To Win on Slingo Cleopatra?

Slingo Cleopatra is a game of chance so there is nothing you can do to affect the outcome of each spin. However, here are few tips to help you enjoy the game more.

  1. When you land a wild or super wild, make sure you pick numbers on your card that give the best chance of completing a Slingo. Look for lines that are nearly complete and pick them off like you would in noughts and crosses!
  2. Be careful about buying more spins when your initial 10 run out. It is more expensive than your original stake and won’t always pay off. Weigh up the chances of completing more Slingos before you do.
  3. Pick a stake level that you are comfortable with and fits your budget. The stakes start at 10p so you don’t need to bet big to enjoy Slingo Cleopatra.

The Final Verdict

Slingo Cleopatra feels like an excellent choice for those looking for a bit of real money gameplay without the frenetic pace of most modern slots. The Slingo concept is always fun and the with Wilds and Super Wilds it’s a bit interactive too as you try to complete lines on your card. What is also interesting is the added level of jeopardy that comes with choosing whether to stick or twist when you run out of spins in the base game. If you are close to completing your card then it is always tempting to twist and buy more plays, as I did, eventually filling the whole card and unlocking 90 spins!

Thanks to its low volatility Slingo Cleopatra kicked out regular wins in testing and that, combined with the chance to spin on an all-time great slot, make it a really fun play.

Who Made Slingo Cleopatra?

  • Name: Slingo Originals
  • Established: 2013
  • UK License: 30880
  • Total Games: 50 +
  • Known For: Real money versions of the popular social gaming phenomenon, Slingo
  • Popular Slots: Slingo Starburst, Book of Slingo, Slingo Money Train, Deal or No Deal Slingo
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