Dr Toonz Review

Dr Toonz is an expanding reels game from Play n Go featuring a mad slots scientist, possibly the creator of the Reactoonz series, busy in his lab finding ways to deliver up to 262,144 paylines per spin. The game plays out on a 6x4 reel set with Cascading Wins, Free Spins, Wilds and Symbol Transformations driving up the payouts. The top payout is 22,000x and the game plays from 20p per spin.



Name:  Dr Toonz

Developer:  Play n Go

Paylines:  4,096

Reels:  6

Rows:  4

RTP:  96.25%

Variance:  High

Top Payout:  22,000x

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About This Slot

Amongst Swedish outfit Play n Go’s huge catalogue of slots are the stand-out grid games, Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2. Famed for their devilishly good payout sequences driven along by win cascades and special symbol meters that unleash extra modifiers, the release of the second in the series was one of the highlights of last year’s game road map. They are also particularly memorable for the crazy critters that inhabit the grid. Now it seems that Play n Go are taking us to the very lab that spawned these creatures in Dr Toonz, a game featuring a mad slots scientist intent on inventing new and crazy games and features.

The similarities between Dr Toonz and the Reactoonz games aren’t just in the name though. The colorings and weird, ‘minion’-type things in the test tube-based reels are also reminiscent of those grid games. The main difference though, is that this is a standard reel-based slot rather than a grid, initially starting as a 4,096 win-ways game, though with potential to expand to as high as 262,144 paylines. That means you start out with 6 reels and 4 rows, then let Dr Toonz’s experimental expanding paylines feature take you to new places, all enhanced by reel modifiers, wilds and free spins.


RTP, Variance and Top Payout

Like its Reactoonz sister games, Dr Toonz is a high variance slot, measuring an 8/10 on Play n Go’s own scale, which suggests a tight model that won’t give much away until the free spins are unlocked. And as we will see there is a lot of potential to build win sequences there where modifiers combine. As for the RTP that is set to an average of 96.25%. The top payout is advertised at 22,000x, which is fair but under the level of some of the most aggressive high variance games currently on the market.

Symbols and Graphics

First up, this is a 4,096 payline slot in the base game. That means it pays out when identical icons land on adjacent reels from left to right, regardless of position. Famous 4,096 payline slots include games like Pink Elephants from Thunderkick and Raging Rhino from WMS. There is a neat difference here though – above each reel a number may appear on any spin, and when it does, it increases the number of paylines that can run though that reel. So the potential of the game is significantly boosted by this feature.

You’ll need 3 or more matching icons to trigger a win.

The symbols themselves are simple enough – just four one-eyed monsters for the lower value set and 4 two-eyed monsters for the higher value set. It is notable however that values are lower than most slots – the max win available for premiums is just 1x for one payline. Remember though that in this instance the low values are offset by the high number of paylines possible and the modifiers that come as consecutive cascades drop.

There is also a wild that subs for all other icons and pays out at 2x when six drop on a line.

What We Like

  High payout potential
  Cool theme from Reactoonz games
  Up to 25 free spins
  Transforming symbols boost paytable
  Lots of wilds

What We Don't Like

  Not as compelling as Reactoonz
  Risky pay model

Gameplay and Features

Like the classic expanding reels games in the Megaways™ series, Dr Toonz uses a Cascading Reels format, and combining this with special meters that fill up and release modifiers, can lead to mayhem on those reels.  A bit of patience is required to see this happen, but overall the good Dr appears to have some potent mixes to bring us here.

Expanding Paylines

Before we get into the other stuff, a word on the expanding paylines. These are triggered when a 2x graphic appears at the top of any reel. This creates more paylines when a winline passes through that reel. If all six reels show a 2x then the fully-expanded paytable is on offer at 262,144 paylines.

Cascading Wins, Quantumeters and Modifiers

Nothing new here – when a winning spin lands, so the winning icons are removed from the reels and new symbols drop in to replace them. If more win lines are filled, then the process repeats. This continues until no more wins are triggered.

Cascading Wins are often used in conjunction with progressive win multipliers to make them more potent. In this case, Dr Toonz uses something called a Quantumeter, also a nod to the meters in Reactoonz, to make each successive cascade more significant. Your Quantumeter will start at a level of 0, 1 or 2. After each cascade the meter fills up by 1.

All you need to do is reach level 3 and its full. Then, when the cascade ends, a modifier is applied to the next spin.

Quantum Wilds – 2 to 6 wilds are added at random to the reels.

Metamorphosis – between 5 and 8 symbols are transformed into other symbols.

Disintegration – all low value one-eyed creature are removed and 2 wilds added.

 Free Spins

Whilst these enhancers can improve the odds in the paytable significantly, things improve still further with the free spins round. You’ll need to land between 3 and 6 scatters to unlock this bonus, with 10, 15, 20 or 25 spins available depending on how many scatters are in view.

During a free spins sequence, the Quantumeter will start at a level of 1 or 2 so your odds of unlocking one of those modifiers is improved.

Our Verdict

So, what do we make of Dr Toonz and his latest manic invention? Well, just like film franchises, it can be tricky to keep a slots series going whilst continuing to match the quality of the original. And for us, Dr Toonz isn’t quite as compelling as the Reacoontz games that preceded it. The features and gameplay are not so manic here, perhaps because the Quantumeter and its charges are more frantic and chaotic in the grid games. In this instance the action feels more linear, with a lot of base game spins reaping just one or two cascades with not enough charge to set up the modifiers, and consequently some frustrating sessions. However, when the meters do fill and if you are in a free spins round with 20 or more plays to go, that’s when things get a lot more interesting.

The big difference though is in the potential of Dr Toonz which is cranked right up to well over 20,000x, significantly more than the 5,000x that you find in Reactoonz 1 and 2.  That gives it enough fire power to compete with some of the more aggressive high volatility games out there and is reason enough for high risk fans to take this one for a spin. You can find out for yourself at new slot sites in the UK from September 2021.


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